Our core services include Estimating, Project Bidding, Design Build, and Construction Management.



Our team can help you with estimating your upcoming project to come up with a reliable budget in the beginning stages of project development. Since we have experience building structures in various states and regions, our ability to estimate project cost efficiently is a core function of our business. We understand the importance of a reliable budget and can help foresee other issues during this early phase of project development.

Project Bidding:

Once your project is designed and plans and specifications are ready for hard pricing, our team has the skills and connections to break down the scope of work, coordinate the pricing of each aspect with various subcontractors, and deliver a project bid on time. We have bid and won many competitive bids and will continue to strive for competitive pricing that you can rely on.

Design Build:

During the design phase of project development, bring our team in to review the scope of work and assist the design team in vetting out the potential issues and pitfalls during design to help the project developer achieve their objective of having a seamless process and early review. Design Build projects also can narrow the timeline between a projects design and a construction commencement date by having the general contractor work on pricing during the design phase as well as offering value engineering to help achieve a target project cost. The design build delivery method is ideal for a project with narrow timelines and tight budgets.

Construction Management:

For larger projects with heavy coordination or if the project developer lacks the inside personnel or time to oversee the construction effort in house and efficiently, Black Diamond Builders would be a terrific candidate for your construction management needs. A project developer can hire us to provide or review budgets, review contractor bids, vet and hire a general contractor to perform the work, oversee and manage project milestones and scheduling, tenant coordination, reviewing payment applications, and other services.

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